Our competitive price

Love 2 know why the price is so competitive?

A good low price might sound tricky. It may draw your attention wrongly towards a low-quality product because that is normally the cause of cheap products? However, not in our case and this is how.

It is obvious that more labor adds up to the price. Not to mention that you as the customer ends up paying for them all. Let us compare “Love 2 Snack” with a regular restaurant as an example. This way we can clearly explain why our prices are so competitive:

  1. One of the most expensive equipments in a restaurant is the hood. In an average restaurant it can start anywhere from sek 250.000 up to sek 1.000.000. in addition owners pay extra on taxes and environmental issues, service, maintenance and cleaning etc. Guess what? we do not have it and the reason is that our snacks come pre-cooked, frozen in boxes, and ready to use. We just warm them up and give them a final touch in our vent-less deep fryer. A fryer that does not require a hood.
  2. A good restaurant needs at least 3 people to work, a cook, a busboy and a cashier. In our case, we do not cook which means that we have no chopping, cuttings, cleanings of meat and vegetables etc. Our working place is normally operated by just one employee. And it is you that serves you because it is all automatics, kind of snack vending machine. We do not have tables because it is, after all, a “grab and go” type of business so we do not need a busboy either.
  3. A regular restaurant needs to have a large waste room outside where they gather all their waste. They need to be separately collected and removed by different waste management companies. This means that they need to have several containers to separate wastes like glass, cardboard, food, flammable, oil, metal etc. The only wastes that we produce is cardboards and oil. So our costs to take away and handle different kinds of waste is minimal.
  4. Restaurants normally need to add up to the price in order to loss of food articles that go bad and they need to be thrown away. As a matter of fact, you as a customer end up paying for them. In our case, we do not through away food as our food comes in, ready to use and frozen and can be kept up to 6 months at the right temperature.
  5. In a restaurant, time and staff and material that goes into serving the customers, cleaning the tables, washing the dishes, etc is huge. That is another subject where you as a customer end up paying for it. In our snack bar, we do not have that. Because we do not serve food.
  6. A restaurant requires a large space in order to have seats and tables for customers. This means more rent, more cleaning, more cleaning material, more electricity for keeping the place warm or cold, maintenance of chairs and tables, washing table cloths, where we have none of those.
  7. Storage for goods is another space-consuming requirement for a restaurant. They need to have separate spaces for meats and vegetables, cans and herbs. A lot of space for cookware in the kitchen. We do not need them either.

It takes a simple calculation to know why the price is so competitive while quality is good.