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Taking responsibility with regard to people, society and the environment is becoming more obvious. Also for “Love 2 Snack”. So we would like to provide insight into which activities we are developing in this area and what the progress is. We think that’s important, because snacking is a party and you have to be able to enjoy that carefree and be successful in doing so. Please stay in touch with us by surfing in our website more often in order to stay tuned and up to dated.

Love 2 Snack wants to ensure that you are receiving a good snack with the best ingredients available on the market, coming from where healthy, happy people in an ideal work environment prepare them for YOU.



Taking responsibility for people, society and the environment is becoming increasingly self-evident. For Love 2 Snack too. With this online statement, we would like to offer insight into the activities that we shall pursuit in this area and what our goals will be. It is important to us because snacking is a celebration and you should be able to continue enjoying it, and being successful in the business of snacks, without any concerns. Love 2 Snack sustainability policy rests on three pillars:

Good life

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Sustainable composition

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Sustainable production

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Our People

Sustainable employability is a shared responsibility

We set a good management as our first goal. We consider it very important that our people feel at home with us and that they are able to work well and enthusiastically in a healthy environment. There is an additional advantage to sustainable employability.

Our snack producer/provider’s work environment

It is not just us concerning about a good and healthy environment to work at. We can never deliver a good product coming from an unhealthy work environment. That is why our producers are carefully studied and selected and chosen. After all we are delivering their product and for us, it is very important that we deliver a product from where the employees are working by all means, they are happy and caring about our snacks.


Over 1259 employees work at the factory where all our snacks are produced, of whom 519 are women and 740 are men. 965 employees have a contract, 271 are flex workers and 23 people work at the factory on a temporary basis. Since working at the company means a great deal of physical labor, this focus is especially important in connection with health and safety issues. As far as health is concerned, responsibility for this mainly lies with the company employees themselves, such as ensuring a balanced diet and enough exercise. It is up to them to keep an eye on their sick leave and take appropriate measures to avoid health problems. But it is up to the company to be alert to this in the workplace itself. Using ergonomic tools and resources, training their employees in lifting and hoisting, engaging a physiotherapist and occupational physician, and implementing an active working conditions policy and a lot of attention for safety will help to prevent symptoms as much as possible.

Safety comes first

Safety has always been an important theme at the factory where our snacks are produced. safety is the top priority. The fact that they take employees’ safety seriously is also evident from the investment in extra employees (QUESH/SHE). This enables the organization to work with an even higher standard of health and safety. They have also conducted audits in this area. In the coming years, they will continue to invest in safety, and within a few years they will lead the sector in the area of safety by a wide margin.

After all it is very important to know that you are receiving snacks that are produced and made by people with a smile on their face. We believe that you deserve this.

Focus on training

At Love2Snack, we devote considerable attention to secondary working conditions such as training and pension in order to keep our people enthusiastic as well as healthy. We regularly will hold personal development interviews in which managers discuss their present and future development with employees. If employees are interested in following a training course, we examine the extent to which the company can play a facilitating role in this. We set up the ‘Social Glue’ project group in order to create greater structure in the training courses available. we will discusses Working together, Communicating together, Developing together (training and assessment) and Having fun together. This will affect our behavior, communication, our reaction to tension and stress, and what gives us energy or what conditions cost energy. The purpose of sharing this topics is to improve mutual communication.


The relationship between health and nutrition is a regular topic of public debate. What is healthy and what isn’t? So much has been written about this and so many discussions have been held that many consumers find it difficult to answer this question. We are of the opinion that there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying snacks as part of a varied and balanced diet. Our snack producer is assuming responsibility by making its products healthier and by communicating about them as transparently as possible. This will make it easier for consumers to choose what is best for them personally at any time

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Food Safety

Companies that manufacture alimentary products have to abide by food safety regulations. Firstly, this refers to the statutory requirements, and secondly to the product safety requirements our snack producer, sets for itself. In view of the welfare and food safety risks, manufacturers in the meat sector are especially liable to scrutiny.

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Raw materials

Sustainability in balance with quality, availability and affordability

Our snack producer is increasingly developing its own policy and line of approach when purchasing raw materials, and is less inclined to follow the web of institutions and organizations in the sector in which a certification industry is gradually developing. Their inspiration mainly derives from their company’s origin, in which they produce the most delectable snacks using sophisticated methods. In this context, they look for high quality, sustainable raw materials with a strong focus on the availability, affordability and therefore the economic value of these raw materials to the snacks.

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As far as we’re concerned, transparency means opening our doors. Transparency is a major theme in Love2Snack’s CSR policy. As far as we’re concerned, transparency literally means opening our doors. In this regard we appreciate dialogues, because we want to understand the way our customers and other stakeholders perceive our brands and CSR-related issues.

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