Mini Snack Range


Mini Snacks are actually the same snacks that you consume at one of our locations but in smaller sizes. Whether you are watching a movie or playing a game with your family and friends, it is always nice to surprise everybody with our range of mini snacks. Of course, you can buy our regular snacks, take them home to cut them in pieces and prepare them to serve, however, to ease your work of cutting the snacks in smaller same size pieces, where the open ends will cool them and the cut ends do not look good, we provide you with our range of mini snacks to choose from. Ready to go already.


The come in different tastes like cheese, vegetarian, chicken, beef, noodle, shrimp, rice etc. Simply dip them in one of our sauces and enjoy the taste. They are also great as to eat with any kind of alcohol like beer or wine and Champaign.

Mini toppers or a Borel mix is a combination of mini snacks that we provide you with. Mini Halal snacks are also available.


Our cheese pillow range

Cheese pillows are simply a cushion type of snack filled either with cheese or a combination of cheese and something else like tomato or ham.

A cheese soufflé (pillow) is a snack of a piece of cheese surrounded by puff pastry and breadcrumbs. The cheese soufflé is baked in the deep fryer so that the cheese melts and becomes very hot. A cheese Pillow is an alternative to a croquette or frikandel for most vegetarians and can easily be combined with different sauces. The cheese pillow is served both separately and in a sandwich. A variant of the cheese pillow is the ham and cheese soufflé.

You will also find them in our mini snack range. Mini pillows are ideal for parties and venues where guests can taste different types of our snacks. Mini cheese pillows are also a part of our party trays. Their small size makes them handy to hold in one hand and consume while holding a glass of a drink in the other. Our variety of cheese pillow consist of:

  1. Cheese pillow
  2. Ham and cheese pillow
  3. Tomato and mozzarella pillow
  4. Spicy cheese pillow
  5. Kebab cheese pillow
  6. Mini pillows combination

We will gradually add more cheese pillow snacks to our snack range.