How our automatics work

High speed food dispenser! Automatic Grab & Go concept!

We make sure that your snack stays in top quality with our automatics

Just imagine walking in to a Love 2 Snack location with a specially designed sphere, like no other in your area, where light and music are creating an amazing environment for you. Walk in to one of our snack-o-matics where you can open a slot and take out your favorite snack. This is what we as Love 2 Snack, pioneer of Dutch snacks in Scandinavia provide you with.

How it works?

You walk into one of our locations and you will see a wall of automatics right at your site. Each automatic has 8 vertical slots with each containing one snack. Usually each automatic (8 vertical slots) contains one type of snack. This is due to the price. Because each automatic is equipped with one coin slot and one cash-less payment device. This means that we cannot put variety of snacks with different price ranges in the same automatic unless they have the same price tag. By looking at the picture below you will get the picture.

Our snack automatics are filled from behind where one of our staff, either cooks them in an oven, or for a better and more traditional taste, deep fries them in our special vent-less deep fryer. Then he/she will open automatic’s door at rear and place them into the slots.

That is why most of the time you do not see our staff because they are working behind the machines. So now you know that, this is a kind of self serving place. Our concept is very simple. Designed for everyone at all ages, you simply use one of our available methods to pay. Whether it is swish (in Sweden), coin, bank card or mobile phone for cash-less payment, you simply pay at one of our automatics, open the slot and take out your desired snack and close the slot again in just about 10 seconds. Each automatic has 8 slots. Each automatic also has its own payment device so you do not have to wait for someone else that wants to take out a snack 2 automatics down the raw. Snacks are hot, packed including a tray and a napkin and ready for you to go.

A tray and a napkin already included means that you only need one hand to consume your snack.

This means that from now on you can walk and eat without being concern that you will make a mess of your food!

This has been an ongoing daily tradition in Holland for the past almost 60 years while Dutch snacks have been around for more than a century. Almost each and every Dutch person enjoys consuming some sort of snacks on daily basis. Just imagine that 300,000,000 croquettes are sold annually in Holland. This is reported by http://arrisje.com. You can find these automatics almost in every corner of every city and place in Holland. All train stations and airports, Bus stations and many schools are loaded with these machines where people take out snacks and enjoy them while waiting for a bus or train to arrive. Many people take out snacks from an automatics while changing trains. They just step out of train. Walk to the automatic, grab a snack and get into the next train.

They are so popular that even some of Amsterdam’s canals are provided with automatics for the Dutch people and many tourists to enjoy a bite of the Dutch snacks.

User Friendly

Our automatics are user friendly so that everyone can use them. People of all ages can easily operate the automatics. This also makes them ideal for kids and the students.

Purchasing your snacks at the counter will save time for you

You can always enjoy taking out 1 or 2 snacks from our automatics to consume, but what if you need more than 2 or 3? What if you want to buy for the whole family or a group of friends? We are sure that you soon will come short of hands and space to put them. There is also a solution for that at every Love 2 Snack location. You can imagine that taking out 6 or often even more snacks than that, will be a time and space consuming procedure. You need to use your payment device every time that you want to take out a new snack. And where to put them after taking them out? As you can see in the picture below, there is not much space in front of the automatics for you to put more than 1 or 2 snacks at a time.

In a busy day other customers will be there right at your side, to take out their snacks, and they need their space too. This is necessary in order to speed up the automatic procedure. After all that is why they are there. Therefore a display fridge unit and Love 2 Snack staff is provided to you where you can simply place your order. In a matter of minutes they will be ready and packed and handed to you. Not to mention that we only put our most consumed snacks in the automatics. Mostly each raw contains just one type of snack while many other kinds are to be found in our glass display. This is shown at the picture below.

Save Lunch Time As An Employee

Let us tell you about a very important habit in the Netherlands (Holland)

Most of the time you have a lunch break of 30 to 45 minutes. Several minutes are wasted staying in line for the unhealthy microwaves to warm up your food. Then you have to rush to sit and eat. And if you do not want to spend the whole amount of your lunch break just for eating your lunch you have to eat fast. You also need time to digest your food prior to go back to work. Most of the time you achieve this by drinking some coffee or smoking a cigarette. Imagine that you as a group of students or colleagues, are sitting and relaxing, having a chat with each other or surfing websites on your mobile phone and drinking coffee or enjoying your cigarette while another friend of yours is buying the snacks for you from one of our locations? Hot snacks, easy to consume and remarkably delicious? This can be a habit and the task can be divided between friends and each day another person takes care of it. Once in a while of course will be your turn to serve the others. This is exactly how workers and employees do in Holland. This way they save time, enjoy the lunch time to the fullest and use the most of it in a good way, no hurries or rush while having a delightful lunch from Love 2 Snack. How To Consume The Dutch Snacks.

How To Consume The Dutch Snacks

There are many ways of eating our snacks. We will provide you with different types of usual sauces mostly Mustard, Ketchup, curry and mayonnaise and some of our own specialties. Frikandel, one of our snacks, is specially delicious with unions and curry sauce.

Our Automatics

All our machines are built in high quality stainless steel, with 8 shelves and slots with individual heating control. All functions are controlled by microprocessors. Easy adjustment of parameters like price and temperature through the keyboard placed on the kitchen side of the machine. The LCD display also on the kitchen side monitors different data and adjustments for the machine. On the front side of the machine a LED display shows the price of the product and the inserted amount. An illuminated top sign with possibility for showing information about the food product can be found on the top front side of the machine. Along with cash-less payment device, the coin dispenser unit will give you the choice of using your coins too.

The automats come with the unique Time and Temperature Control System, a machine with an optimum quality control of the hot snacks inside the machine. When you place a food product on a shelf, the TCS will register this and the timer will start. When the time limit is reached a LED light, on the kitchen side of the machine at its rear, will change from green to red, and you are now in the respite time zone. Here you have time to prepare fresh food. In the respite time, you also have the possibility to move the food from the shelf to a faster selling shelf usually shelf number 3 or 4 – the remaining time will follow the product. If you do not replace the food after the respite time has run out, the machine will shut down until the snack is replaced with a fresh one.

The TCS system makes it simple for the staff to ensure that the food in the machines always remain fresh, furthermore you can minimize the waste of food by using the MOVE feature.

Time and Temperature Control System

The Snack-o-matic; a grab & go food dispensing solution. Thanks to its unique system with the 8 individual hot compartments, which are directly filled from the kitchen behind from its rear. the vending machine turns itself into another employee. Avoiding customers’ cueing to get their hot or cold snack!

Practical and reliable

Every conceivable payment system:

A thought-out design: