About Love2Snack

“One bite and you’re hooked”

Our History

“Love 2 Snack” is an original franchise snack bar that started in city of Boden, located in province of Norrbotten, in Northern Sweden. One of the partners, who at the time lived in Vancouver Canada, inspired this endeavor back in 2004. He knew the great potential this amazing food has from the beginning. However, the high costs associated with transporting frozen goods from The Netherlands, where these snacks originate from, was not an option at the time so the entire project was brought to a halt.

In 2015, the partner migrated to Sweden and started a new journey. It did not take long before he recognized the absence of Dutch snacks in the Swedish food market so his project came back to life.

Our Vision

To be the leader of healthy and delicious snacks in Sweden and the Scandinavia.

Our Purpose

Provide an assortment of tasty, high quality, accessible and affordable snacks. We are proud of our products and you will certainly notice the difference of what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Values

Respect, passion, integrity and excellence.

Our Promise

We will respect all employees, customers and vendors. We will show our passion through the quality of the snacks that we provide as well as the fun environment that we create in our stores for customers to experience. We will show integrity and do the right thing at all times and incorporate that in all decision-making and communication as we stay true to our values. Since the foundation of “Love 2 Snack”, it has been our aim to be the best in what we do and provide excellence through innovative ideas and approaches and pay attention to the finest details. Every day we face new challenges and opportunities and we raise the bar and hold ourselves accountable at all times.

A party for everyone

Whether you have a low budget get together, a luxury event, a cocktail party, school celebration or company meeting, we can accommodate it all with our beautiful party trays. In need of a vegetarian or halal plate? We can provide that as well. “Party trays” are simply platters designed to fit to your needs, containing a variety of mini snacks.

Additionally, every time you step into one of our stores, we welcome you to experience an atmosphere where exceptional decorations, beautiful ambience, great tunes and delicious snacks come together so you would want to keep coming back.


Salad and sandwiches

In additional, you can turn our delicious snacks into your favorite sandwich or salad. You can get as creative as you want.


Customer-Friendly Order Packages

We all know how time consuming it can get when it comes to making food choices for your parties. Deciding which kind of meat, taste or size you want can be tough. To simplify this for our customers, we have provided you with a “Choice Slider”. Here you can put together a package by choosing a budget, adding vegetarian or halal items to your order and simply clicking on “Show My Choice”. Our website will then calculate and generate a few options for you to choose. This will be the basis of your order that you can customize further and to your liking by adding or deleting items.

Responsible snacking

We believe that everyone should be responsible towards the environment and the society they live in. With concrete improvement points, we take steps in the areas of health, safety, transparency, origin of ingredients, energy consumption and social involvement. In recent years for example, the amount of salt and saturated fats used in Dutch snack products were considerably reduced by the factory as they actively contributed to the ‘Responsible frying’ initiative. After all, having a good snack also means responsible snacking!

How to get involved

We cherish the relationships we build with our loyal customers. We would like to invite you to surf our website and Facebook page and to share your experience with us in regards to our products, staff, and snack bars atmosphere. We welcome all feedback and are open to any new ideas.

The Future

In an effort to expand throughout the Scandinavia and thrive the success of our business, we welcome like-minded, ambitious people who desire to start their own franchise business to join our movement and to share the love.


As far as we’re concerned, transparency means opening our doors. Transparency is a major theme in Love2Snack’s CSR policy. As far as we’re concerned, transparency literally means opening our doors. In this regard we appreciate dialogues, because we want to understand the way our customers and other stakeholders perceive our brands and CSR-related issues.

Due to social media and use of smartphones, everyone expects to be able to access all kinds of information at any time of the day or night, while topical issues are discussed online. Moreover, customers and stakeholders are demanding clear and frank information on matters such as the origin of ingredients and the sustainability policy at an organization. That is why Love2Snack is opening its doors in all kinds of ways.

Talks with the pundits

Our doors are literally open by facilitating visits to our location for students, employees’ families, television crews, journalists and bloggers. But we also practice transparency by giving the pundits on the market insight into how we prepare and assemble our products, if they ask us for this information. Furthermore, we are willing to provide information on various occasions to the Swedish Consumers’ Association at their request in order to enable them to publish articles on snacks. And of course, our CSR annual report will also be a prime example of transparency: we want people to know who we are, what they can expect of us in relation to CSR, and what challenges we encounter in our policy.

Detailed product information

Love2Snack will open her doors in a metaphorical sense as well by publishing detailed extra-statutory reports on nutritional value, allergens and nutrition guidelines (RI = Reference Intake) on the packaging for Mora products. This also appears on the website. It is primarily intended for out-of-home customers, but other stakeholders consult it as well. Most of these elements have been mandatory since 2015, which means that all our retail products comply with the new European declaration legislation, i.e. the new European Regulation on providing food information to consumers -> Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. In addition, Love2Snack has its vegetarian products officially approved by the Vegetarians’ Association to enable vegetarians and flexitarians to make a sound and reliable choice. As proof of approval, our producer displays the European logo (EVU label) for vegetarian products on the packaging in all cases where a product fulfils the relevant criteria.

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